Major articles and programmes in 2015

These are the most important articles and programmes made in 2015 for the Finnish media. The work done for Tiedetuubi is not listed here (as it is almost daily).

YLE News: Airbus A350 presentation
TM: Mars One
TM: Falcon 9 reusable
Tiede: Taivaalliset suojelusenkelit
TM: Stratolaunch and other new launchers
YLE Sports: Jussi Veikkanen on training camp
YLE News: Falcon 9
Tekes, Solar Eclipse story
TM: Tour hivernal, cycling around France in winter
TM: World View system
Tiede: Airbus concept plane
Tiede: How air traffic control works?
TM: Aalto-1 satellite
TM: Appreaching Pluto
TM: Le Bourget 2015
Tiede: Heavy elements and story of Dubna
TM: Eurobike 2015
Tiede: Mission to Mercury (BepiColombo)
Tiede: GOCE