Space Truck

The Space Truck is a trailer that can be expanded to hold a exhibition up to 100 m2 with a small scielce centre built inside.

The idea of touring space exhibition arised from two huge space exhibitions Kupla organised in Helsinki in 2001 and 2003, followed by a third expo in 2007 at the Finnish Aviation Museum. All of these were successful and well received, but many people outside the capital area signalled strongly that they'd like to have space exhibiton(s) as well. The only practical and economical way was to have a truck transporting the exhibition, and then after struggling with the venue reservations it was decided to turn the truck itself to an exhibition.

Up to now two space truck tours have been conducted, in 2012 and 2014. The first one focussed on the Finnish space activities and toured in major cities in Finland, but the second one, presenting the Rosetta comet mission from the European Space Agency, expanded the tour to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

These tours will be followed by a third one in September-October 2017, this time the tour will cover almost whole area of Finland.

Photos and impressions from the previous tours are on the Facebook page of the Space Truck, Avaruusrekka in Finnish.