Who is this guy?

I am a science journalist with deep interest in space, flying and especially in spaceflight.

I've been studying astronomy, but found quite early that I'm better in explaining the science than doing it. In addition to articles, programmes and online videos I'm producing for many medias (mainly in Finland) and institutional clients, I also host and provide content for my own website Tiedetuubi.fi, support the Aalto-1 and Suomi100 satellite projects, organise exhibitions and write couple of books.

I'm a member of several journalist and scientific associations, sit in the board of the Finnish Association of the Science Journalists and Editors. I've been awarded the Finland's State Award for Public Information, which of course was very nice.

I live currently in the France, but work globally.

When I don't work, I tend to go cycling.

My short CV is here and basic presentation of my books is here.