Jari Mäkinen - a short CV


- First article published in 1983 (aged 16 years)
- Freelance science writer since 1985
- Studies astronomy at the University of Helsinki 1986-1992
- First article in Tekniikan maailma 1988
- First radio programme on national radio 1989
- Living and working in France 1991-1993
- Entered television on national Channel 1 in 1995
- Free lance corporate video director and producer since 1998
- Own production company founded 1999.
- Book "Handbook for an accidental astronaut" 2010 (Ursa)
- Finland's State Award for Public Information 2011
- Working as Senior Editor for Human Spaceflight at the ESTEC space centre of the European Space Agency 2009-2011
- Book "ABC of the space probes - how to do one at home?" 2012 (Ursa)


- CEO and president of Kupla Productions Ltd
- Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Tiedetuubi.fi
- Writing for Tekniikan maailma, Tiede and Tähdet ja avaruus magazines
- Specialized in spaceflight, astronomy and aviation
- Video productions for several clients (i.e. European Space Agency, The Academy of Finland)
- Contibuting occasionally Finnish Broadcasting Co.
- Promoting of public understanding of space and natural sciences
- Hosting (science related) events and consulting in organisation
- Other activities: cooking, wines, travelling, star gazing, cycling and flying
- Speaks fluently Finnish, French and English, communicates somehow in German and Swedish, and knows more than three words of Estonian, Italian and Spanish.