Video productions


European Space Agency / Education
- Several videos since 2011
- Recently published: Spacecraft materials challenge, Spacecraft materials kit presentation, Cubesat video for the ESA-TV, and Fly your satellite.

Academy of Finland
- Research presentations (Antti Kupiainen, Moncef Gabbouj)

SALT (Southern African Large Telescope)
- General presentation video
- Science highlights
- Videos online at


Millennium Technology Foundation
- Presentations of the laureate candidates in 2008 and 2010.

Aivokunto Oy
- Four-episode educational video series about brains.

CSC, the Finnish IT center for science
- Presentations of seven Finnish centres of the scientific excellence using supercomputing. With Mageia Oy.
- Three videos about the history and services of the CSC. With Mageia Oy.

University of Tampere
- Presentation video of the University of Tampere. With Mageia Oy.

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion
- Terveisiä Tahitilta (Greetings from Tahiti) educational video. With Vistakuva Oy.

Federation of Finnish Financial Services
- Educational video about banking. With Vistakuva Oy.

TAT Group
- Several videos for communication, consultancy and training organization owned by the Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers TT Trust and Confederation of Finnish Industries. With Vistakuva Oy.