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Avaruuslentäjän käsikirja

‘Handbook for an accidental astronaut’ (2010)

The book, with over 320 carefully chosen photos, explains where space is and how to fly there. You can read about the spacecraft and flying in space, and there’s some advice for living and working in space. It also included a short history of spaceflight and a chapter about the International Space Station. And looking to the future: a comprehensive guide to space tourism and ideas about future exploration missions. The book is an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to become an astronaut.

The book is designed for use in zero gravity; it can be read from either side, front or back. One side has a comprehensive lexicon of astronautics - with a twist: it is not only for searching a specific word, but can be read as a literary smörgåsbord of spaceflight.

A review published in Finland said: "This is everything about spaceflight. If you don't have money for a spaceflight in near future, you can get almost the same experience reading Avaruuslentäjän käsikirja - reading it feels like being in space yourself!"

Planeettaluotainten ABC

'ABC of the Planet probes' (2012)

The second part of the planned trilogy about the spaceflight zooms into places where humans can't yet go: fly around the solar system.

The book explains how to build a robotic spacecraft to be sent to outer space and how to operate it. It has a comprehensive list of the past, current and planned planetary probes, landers and rovers, and looks into the future of the unmanned exploration of space.

Both books were published by Ursa and are available on their webstore: Avaruuslentäjän käsikirja and Planeettaluotainten ABC.

Matkaopas maapallolle

'Guidebook to our home planet' (in preparation)

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